Privacy-first email marketing delivers simple, powerful, elegant email marketing services ideally for multi level organisations where one account controls many child accounts.

We believe it is not ethical to share business or personal data so we designed privacy into the heart of Smartmessages. Our systems are not connected to 3rd parties.

Know where the personal data is and who has access.

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GDPR & ePrivacy

Our approach to privacy and data protection is based on how we would like to be treated as subscribers.

We are a Data processor, we don't share data, we don't set cookies or use tracking scripts and recipients get direct access to their own data.

Green Credentials

All of our servers work off 100% renewable energy. We design and maintain smaller systems which reduces energy consumption.

Having our systems located locally brings many benefits.

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Emailing System

Our powerful, robust, accurate, easy-to-use email system gets your messages delivered quickly and efficiently, with detailed reporting.

Great Support

Help when and how you need it - testing tools, simple user guides, comprehensive documentation, and you can talk to us directly.

Real Results

"Each time a mailing goes out, it's like turning on a sales tap!" Gary Marshall, MD at GAK


Make your communications look & feel as if they are sent by you, not us. Fill in your details in settings and see the branding spread across all the publicly available screens, from unsubscribes to opting-in or direct access for recipients to their own data.


Connect your systems with ours using our API to keep contacts in sync, your CRM up to date, and your sales staff on their toes. Import lists and templates to upgrade from other popular mailing services with a few clicks, making it easy to switch in minutes.

Data Protection

Your customer data is your most precious asset. We'll take great care of it and help you stay within the law. Get in contact for a copy of our privacy impact assessment (PIA) - a key document every data controller should have when handing over other people's personal data.

Our Clients

We work with businesses big & small, from simple campaigns right through to full automation.

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We've got a pricing plan to fit the way you want to send.