Privacy-first Ethical Emailing

Smartmessages is an established, fully featured email marketing system.

Smartmessages key philosophy is to prioritise the privacy and data protection of individuals. All our client's data is held safely in our top security servers based in Luxembourg.

Built by experts, looked after by humans. You and your team can feel safe in the knowledge of collaborating with an ethical company. You’ll also receive great customer support where you can build a long term business relationship.

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GDPR & ePrivacy

Our approach to privacy and data protection is based on how we would like to be treated as subscribers.

We are a Data processor, we don't share data, we don't set cookies or use tracking scripts and recipients get direct access to their own data through a web portal.


We set up Smartmessages on our customers own servers, we look after the administration whilst you can get on with business.

You can benefit from this is many ways, from costs, control, privacy obligations and improved work flows.

Multiple Account System

Smartmessages is a perfect fit for multi-level/location organisations by reducing costs considerably, offering huge time savings by being able to control your own accounts, manage the email users, email credits and share emails templates and branding.

You can contact us by Email.

Emailing System

At 20 years old, Smartmessages is a solid stable system, at the heart of it is PHPMailer, code which runs in over 150 million web sites, maintained by our technical director, Marcus Bointon.

Direct Support

You can talk directly with us, computer wizards, as we built our own system over the last two decades, we don’t get many new questions that we haven’t all ready answered.

100% Renewable Energy

We have servers in London and Luxembourg and both systems run off 100% renewables. Over the years, we have upgraded our hardware, as computing power has increased, alongside the leaps in electrical efficiency.


Add your own organisations' branding with colours and type styles which then appear in templates as well as on public facing web pages, such as unsubscribe. All in all, complete branding consistency.

API Integration

A throughly comprehensive library of instructions for our systems to integrate, right through to a compete control of Smartmessages. Check out the documentation.

Data Protection

Our systems are always up to date to deal with the latest threats, ask us for our DPIA We are proud techies who back up our claims with our system design and engineering.