Our Services.

We have great relations with our customers. As we are in the UK,France and Luxembourg, we are available all through the EU day.

We are driven by our own ethics and philosophy which underpins our technology, we built privacy into our design right at he beginning in 2002.

Our services break down into 2 groups, a monthly single account and multiple accounts. All accounts have all the features.

Single Accounts

From importing, creating or reusing templates, right through to the results from an emailing.
We have built a wonderful array of tools which cover almost all emailing requirements.

Our Services

Multiple Account Management

Certain organisations want to run multiple accounts and so we have created a complete suite of features, including email credit control, role management and email template sharing.

Multiple Accounts

System Integration

From simple web form processors to complete control via our API and web hooks, all streamlined and automated for the integration of your systems with ours.

System Integration