Email Credits

Monthly Email Credits

Monthly email credits are ideal for people who are sending regular amounts on a monthly basis. These credits will expire after a month and not based on the amount of contacts in the account.

You can create multiple accounts and spread the credits across them, thus reducing costs significantly for organisations with the appropriate structure.

By paying for monthly credits in a yearly chunk, you get 3 months free.
Monthly Email Credits Monthly cost* Yearly cost*
1,000 €20 €180
2,500 €45 €405
5,000 €80 €864
10,000 €120 €1,296
25,000 €230 €2,484
50,000 €400 €4,320
*Prices do not include VAT.
Email Credits

Yearly Email Credits

Yearly email credits significantly reduce the costs for multiple account holders who can spread the email credits across all their child accounts, the email credits last a year and can be transferred to different accounts.

To boot, there is a whole box of great features to reduce the administration and management of running many accounts from the parent account.
Yearly Email Credits Chunk Cost*
100,000 €1,000
250,000 €1,700
500,000 €3,000
1,000,000 €5,000
*Prices do not include VAT.
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Our Support

Direct contact by phone, email or screen sharing.
Our user guide which runs through every part of Smartmessages by module.
Our online wiki help system which contains deeper technical details.
Our live status system keeps you informed of updates as they happen.
Additional Services

Multiple Account Service

We work directly with web developers and digital marketing agencies as well as organisations with multiple offices.

We bring in-depth knowledge and years of experience to complex projects, personalised mailings, system integration and design & implement other bespoke campaign requirements.

If you need a multi account service, or just some hand-holding to get you going, then get in contact or else you can just jump in but please contact us if anything isn't clear. Email: