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System Updates – Email Template Imports

Template zip imports completed

As we mentioned last time, we support importing templates from zip files; this has now been completed, and now includes support for bundled images in an images folder. The docs have been updated to show how to use that.

Templates now default to using HTML5 instead of the previous HTML4.01/transitional doctype.

In a nutshell, this allows templates to be imported with a click – allowing templates to come from anywhere, we just could think of how to make this more straight forward.

The importer rewrites the snippets of code to the Smartmessages format, so unsubscribes, etc all work straight away. If you find formats they don’t work automatically, just tell us and we will add the format to the library to keep it one click.

The images are written to our servers and the links from the html are rewritten so it all resides on the Smartmessages system.